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SDC Ring
  The S.D.C. Ring: Your source for Palladium's OTHER games!
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Palladium Megaverse


The ninja from Metal Gear Solid. Here for no good reason whatsoever.

Questions? E-Mail the RingMaster, BruteForce.

I've signed up -- What's this "HTML Fragment" thing? 
The HTML fragment is a few lines of HTML code that tell the WebRing system where to send people when they leave your site. By adding the fragment, you allow visitors to your site to reach other sites on the S.D.C. Ring. 

You need to add this code to your page:

<!-- Begin S.D.C. Ring HTML fragment -->

<A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT="The S.D.C. Ring -- Your source for Palladium's OTHER games!"></A><P>
This <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">SDC Ring</A> site is owned by <A HREF="mailto: your E-mail address">your name/handle</A>.<BR>
[<A HREF=";id=your site ID;prev5" TARGET="_top">Previous 5 Sites</A> 
| <A HREF=";id=your site ID;prev" TARGET="_top">Previous</A> 
| <A HREF=";id=your site ID;next" TARGET="_top">Next</A> 
| <A HREF=";id=your site ID;next5" TARGET="_top">Next 5 Sites</A>]<BR> 
[<A HREF=";random" TARGET="_top">Random Site</A> 
| <A HREF=";list" TARGET="_top">List Sites</A>] 

<!-- End S.D.C. Ring HTML Fragment -->

Replace everything in red with the appropriate information.

Once you've dropped the code into your page and made the appropriate modifications, you're almost done! All you have to do now is E-mail your RingMaster (me) at and let me know everything is in place. As soon as I get the message (I check my E-mail at least once a day), I'll go to your site and take a look. As long as everything is in place and it meets all the requirements, you should receive confirmation of your addition to the ring within a few days. Just sit back, relax, and watch the hits start rolling in!

The Ring is set up to "stagger" itself every four weeks. This means that your place in the Ring will change about once a month, allowing everyone to have some of the "good spots" (the ones right after popular sites). In addition, it will automatically place less-popular sites right after more-popular ones, allowing the "unknowns" to get more hits simply by way of location. The Ring will basically be ordered, "popular-unknown-popular-unknown," so if you're one of the "unknowns," don't worry -- within a month (when the next rearrangement occurs), you'll be sandwiched right between two of the Ring's "big guys" -- and that means you'll be raking in hits galore!

Oh, and by the way, the fragment should look like this when veiwed in a browser:

 This SDC Ring site is owned by your name/handle.
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