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SDC Ring
  The S.D.C. Ring: Your source for Palladium's OTHER games!
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Palladium Megaverse


The ninja from Metal Gear Solid. Here for no good reason whatsoever.

Questions? E-Mail the RingMaster, BruteForce.

You mean I can customize it? 
Yes indeed; you should feel free to customize, modify, change, twist, fold, staple, spindle, mutilate, or otherwise alter the HTML fragment in any way you like  -- as long as it retains a few basic elements:
  • A link to the S.D.C. Ring Homepage at, otherwise known as "here."
  • A link to the next site in the ring.
  • A link to a random site in the ring.
  • A link to the full list of S.D.C. Ring sites.
  • Your name/handle and E-mail.
  • One of the five S.D.C. Ring graphics.
Yes, you read that right: There are five different S.D.C. Ring graphics you can choose from, depending on your site and personal preference. The ring fragment automatically includes sdcring.gif, but if you prefer sdcring4.gif, go ahead and put it in there -- just add that "4" to the code!

By BruteForce

By The Blue Canary

By The Blue Canary

By BruteForce

By BruteForce

That's about it; now you know everything you need to become a full-fledged member of the S.D.C. Ring! Design -- Your one-stop web design resource Designs By Mark -- Don't get yourself burnt TimeBomb Digital Media -- Blowing the HELL out of your current graphics
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