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What is the S.D.C. Ring? 
The S.D.C. Ring is a WebRing dedicated to role-playing games, specifically those produced by Palladium Books.
It is not, however, for all of Palladium's games. When a ring allows sites dedicated to any Palladium games, the lower-profile titles tend to get buried, lost and ignored in the huge mass of sites dedicated to games like Rifts, Palladium Fantasy RPG, Rifts, Robotech, Rifts, Macross II, Rifts, Rifts, and Rifts.
  Tired of spending hours upon hours trying to find non-Rifts Palladium sites?

Look no further than the S.D.C Ring!


There's nothing wrong with those games, sites dedicated to them, or rings that allow them. It's just the the S.D.C. Ring is for Palladium's "other" games. It allows sites dedicated to Heroes Unlimited, Nightbane, Ninjas & Superspies, and others to have a little time in the spotlight and gain some exposure. It also makes it easier to find sites with material for those games without being forced to wade through the seemingly endless array of Rifts sites. 

Quite simply, the S.D.C. Ring is a WebRing that keeps Palladium's "little guys" from being completely swamped on the 'net.

Step One: Entry Requirements 

The S.D.C. Ring -- Your source for Palladium's OTHER games!
This SDC Ring site is owned by BruteForce.
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